Friday, October 29, 2010

Edinburgh: Part Deux

Edinburgh Castle.  The statue of the knight is Robert the Bruce.  The chapel is the oldest chapel in the UK and only holds about 20 people maximum.  There are both inside and outside views of it.

Park that our B&B was next to and where they made the first rules of golf.  View from Edinburgh Caslte.  In the Christmas Shoppe.  Richard and Liz Manson.  In front of JK Rowling's house.

Edinburgh is the City of Hearts.  We literally drove right up to the gate of Edinburgh Castle the night we got there.  It was awesome!


Sue said...

Doug & I are so jealous! He would love to go to the famous origin of golf!! Beautiful pics!

Marijke said...

Thanks Sue! Did you see the posts of St. Andrews? It's the oldest golf course in the world, Doug would love it, but it's like a 1.5 yr. waiting list. The course and location are beautiful.