Friday, October 29, 2010

Edinburgh: Part Un

 The pope visited Scotland.  He started in Edinburgh then drove to Glasgow in his pope mobile.  We started in Glasgow and drove to Edinburgh to avoid the crowds.  We passed the cardinals that came with him.  There were 2-4 police officers on every bridge on the motorway.  It cost Scotland £8 million to have the pope there for one day.  It was pretty controversial and one of the only things discussed on the radio for 2 weeks...that and the church leader who threatened to burn Qu'rans in Florida...

Views of Edinburgh and Arthur's Seat a.k.a. Pratt's Hill, to the missionaries, who traditionally climb this at the beginning and end of their mission.

Scotland Edinburgh Mission home--now the Scotland Ireland Mission (as of July 1, 2010).   
Notice Joseph McConkie on the plaque.


Alison said...

Scotland Ireland Mission? Does that mean that Rico's mission doesn't really exist anymore? That's a beautiful mission home!

Marijke said...

Well it doesn't exist in name, but I think all the zones and everything are there, it just includes Ireland too.