Sunday, November 7, 2010

DEP: Edinburgh EDI --> ARR: Sandefjord TRF

We flew from Edinburgh, Scotland to Sandefjord, Norway, 90 minutes south of Oslo.

We flew on the infamous Irish budget airline RyanAir.  We had read and heard hundreds of negative reviews of RyanAir, but we must say we were pleasantly surprised.  If you are willing to read the fine print and follow the rules you should be ok on RyanAir.  The planes were nice enough and we had plenty of legroom (see picture, Richard had about 8 inches between his knee and the seat in front of him), although we were sitting in the emergency exit row.

We were disappointed we couldn't have flown into Norway during daylight.  We imagine it must be a beautiful view with all the fjords.  We were also a little disappointed when the first things we saw that night were a Shell gas station, Harley Davidson, McDonald's and some other American things.  We expected it to feel a little more "foreign".   It was an enjoyable ride however, because we were picked up by and older couple who were friends of Tronds.  They didn't really speak any English and we speak zero Norwegian but we found them ok and it was a good learning experience trying to figure out how to communicate.  They were so nice to pick us up and it made getting to Trond's house a million times easier.  Ryanair only flies from Edinburgh to NO every other day and only one time a day so our only option was arriving at 11:00 pm!


Lori said...

You are just like your Grandma playing solitaire on the computer :)

Alison said...

Fun stuff. I haven't heard of RyanAir. I'd love to know what the fine print says.

Gnarmac said...

They just have really strict rules on size and weight and really high fees if you don't follow those rules.