Monday, February 21, 2011


Checking the map on our way to the temple; our delicious lunch; Irma; the bike lanes in Copenhagen.
 The Copenhagen, Denmark temple.

A few of the amazing buildings in Copenhagen.  The night pic is the church with the statues (or copies of statues?) of the twelve apostles and the Christus statue.

Joseph and Louise Jansen with new baby Aimee--such a little doll!  Richard and 'Jansen' served together as missionaries in Scotland.  They were kind enough to show us around Copenhagen, take us out to dinner, drive us around, take us to church, allow us to stay with Joseph's parent's, etc. etc.  Thanks for everything you did for us!  We had an amazing time and it was all possible because of them.  One thing we really enjoyed was the 'traditional Danish dinner' we had on Sunday.  Marijke had a sandwhich (open-faced, one piece of bread) with potatoes, radishes, hard-boiled eggs and a mayo-based sauce topped with fried onions.  Richard had a similar sandwhich but with fish and other meat.  They also had delcious chocolate and desserts.  Oh yeah, and we can't forge to mention the danishes!  They had lots of poppyseed pastries that were delicious, but unfortunately we didn't take any pictures.

 Danish Kroner

New Haven

Having fun with the soap someone put in the fountain; 'Del Boy' the Jansen's Rhodesian Ridgeback snuggling up with Richie next to Jansen's dad, Lasse; a little more Copenhagen.

We had a great time in Denmark and wished we could've stayed longer.  This was taken on our train to Berlin.
Farvel Danmark! 


Shauna said...

What a life! Love the pictures of Denmark! Where next?

Lori Smith said...

I loved Richard and that Dog :)

Jen said...

I LOVE, LOVE, Copenhagen! Your pictures brought back so many good memories.