Sunday, September 26, 2010


We didn’t stay the night in St. Andrews; instead we went to Perth, which was Richard’s first area.  In Perth we met with Mary Harding, who Richard had met very early in his mission.  Mary is a lot of fun and she told us all about her life; we ended up talking to her for about 3 hours.  

In Perth, we stayed with the Tom and Anne Crook, who live in a beautiful, well-preserved (over 100 years old) home.  Tom and Anne joined the church in the early '60s and they have been the backbone for the LDS community in Perth ever since. 

With Mary Harding on the top left and right.  We had a lovely time having dinner with her and visiting with her.  Richard's apartment is in the middle on the top.  Their house, built c. 1900, had a beautiful terraced backyard and lovely vintage interior.

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Emily said...

We are jealous of all that you are having the opportunity to see and do! Hope you have fun and stay safe! Mary says, "wuv you"